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We are a full-service 3D model creation studio that creates custom designs suited for a wide range of industries.

We help clients harness the power of art in branding to create profound connections with consumers through strategy, design, and interactive 3D models.


our products

Through strategy, design, and interactivity, we help businesses leverage the power of 3D models in branding to develop deep relationships with customers.



We have a large portfolio of stunning assets, including 2D/3D models of any complexity, fluid animations, and visual effects.

We are masters at creating visual game graphics including 3D objects creation, Motion design, and both simple and complex game animations.


Lumirang’s skilled 3D model developers create the perfect 3D model based on your advertising needs. All we need is a ready-to-use design to create high-quality 3D objects, motion designs, and so on.

We also create simple and complex animations, fantastic scenario developments, and use our creativity to deliver a full cycle of advertising video production.

3D Printing

Our 3D model engineers develop the core details of your product(s) dimensions and then prepare the drawings before converting the model into your required formats.

We ensure that your 3D model meets the professional production needs before it is printed in 3D format.


Not everyone can create NFTs that can actually sell for a significant amount. At Lumirang, we create the Sale strategy of your NFTs before actually creating them.

After we are sure that we have an amazing sales strategy, we move on to the NFT object design, model development, and transform our creation into digital universe models of your choice.

Our Process

We follow a detailed process when it comes to approaching any project.
Our 3D engineering team follows a strict set of guidelines, however, we are also very flexible depending on the project.

Here’s how we work:



Before you begin, you'll need to answer a few questions since there is no single formula for comprehending, developing, and implementing your ideas.



Looking at a few different sorts of data is the greatest method to comprehend. The first and most evident is the end product you want, which should come as no surprise given that we start with a sketch.



Idea, Research, Draft, Sketching, Visual Design, Proof of Concept, Edits and Fix-ups, Development, and final Delivery are all steps in the development of your data.

Our Services


The price for the performance of any 3D project depends on the type and form of the project to be created. Many specialized 3D teams are involved in the creation process, with varying degrees of participation in production.

To create your project price we need to discuss all blocks of the order and agree on the project roadmap and we provide a price quote as well that is absolutely free.


About Us

Lumirang is a 3D engineering studio that was founded in 2020.

We started from 3 designers and now after a whole year, we are a strong team of 10. We believe that design is a graphical representation of any business on earth, it’s how humans feel an emotion and sense happiness.

We have helped over 20 businesses create visual 3D models that have transformed their brands forever. We are passionate about 3D and this is what makes us Lumirang.